Tuesday, October 20, 2015

**Important YouTube Update**

In an effort to both protect our students and give staff power over the content that is utilized, the Agora Information Technology Department has implemented YouTube restrictions through our Google Apps account. Please note, that these restrictions only apply to students, and all YouTube videos will remain available for staff to view.

With this change, you will now see a blue banner appear under videos as you browse YouTube (while logged in to your Agora account). This banner will indicate to you whether or not the specific video you are viewing is watchable by our students. Google uses a special algorithm to determine whether videos are safe, so many will already be watchable by default. However, if the video is not already allowed, you are given the option to approve the video by simply clicking on the “Approve” button on the banner. These changes take immediate effect for the students.

Video watchable by students:

Video not currently watchable by students:

Video manually approved for students to view:


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