Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Welcome to the Agora Cyber Charter School Technology Department blog! As a department we will be using this blog to communicate updates to staff, along with being a one-stop-shop for instructions we send.

Important - Email
We will be cutting over to Google email from K12 on 6/25. Your email will remain @agora.org, but you will have access to the Google web mail client that is the same as a personal Gmail account. Personally, I'm very excited to have access to the new web client. You will also be able to continue using Outlook and we've linked instructions from this blog on how to setup your email in Outlook (here). We are asking that all staff archive their email prior to the transition (instructions). We are planning to migrate all contacts, emails, and calendar items, so the archive will serve as a backup.

Important - Staff Laptops
We will also be sending out instructions, along with flash drives, for staff to image their own computers. Due to budget constraints this year, we will not be able to reclaim all laptops and handle it centrally. The new version of Windows 7 you'll be installing will have some enhanced features that will allow us to easily push software to you and keep your machine up to date. It should also allow the computer to run faster.

We're sprinting towards 7/1 and the school transition. We are on track to have the learning platform up and running. The initial deployment will be a starting point with enhanced features being rolled out on a regular basis through the summer. Things will only get better!

We are also setting up student laptops for deployment. We are ready to ship to all of our confirmed 2015-16 students during the last week of June.


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